1. Alright, Jean Tonique… over in  France throwing it down on a classic.


  2. "


    There’s no doubt that this is the easiest time of year to lose yourself, especially with holiday projects and deadlines right around the corner. Stepping away is key, and I always make a point to get out of the city for some needed perspective. The woods and mountains are nostalgic places where I know I can relax, and reflect on what really matters.

    The ultimate reward is finding peace of mind. That familiar sound of a rushing river and rain on the fallen leaves gives a sense of belonging to something more powerful than the daily grind. November’s collection is designed with that power in mind.

    Make your own path.


  3. When I was young, I looked to my father. He told me truth will take you farther. And as you grow, it will get much harder. So hold on and tread the water… And he said Remember your dreams… 

    Their mixture of genres on this one is dope. The females voice in the beginning (Macie Stewart?) gets me tho.


  4. It should be business > pleasure… just got to get my head in there.

  5. Went down to the RAFFMA for Day of the Dead yesterday.

  7. To the girl on the right side… perfect timing down the hatch.

  8. Dom Kennedy the other night @ Luna. Came on and didn’t even get one song… the fuck happened is what I want to know. Regardless.. got turnt up.

  9. Summer’s almost outta here, get your last fixes in.

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  10. Coors x Starbucks

  11. Food that’s laid out to welcome our ancestors to join us again.

  12. Anniversary of my grand father. I think it’s spelled Cung.

  13. Pops and son.

  14. Reese getting ready to lay down a piece.

  15. Happy 4th ya’ll. Here’s some Diablo.